Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do You Like How You Look in Pictures?

Photo by Chantou Lam.  Awesome photographer and even better dancer.  I bet her headshots were amazing. 

We had some headshots on Saturday for Dangerous Lorraines Dance Theater.  I prettied myself up, let my hair down, and tried my best to act natural and beautiful in front of that camera.  Take one.  Eh.  Take two.  No.  Take three.  One more.  Take four.  Hang my head in defeat and realize I'll never be as pretty as I hoped I could be.

The reality is is that I don't know what I look like.  I'm so obsessed with what I don't have or what I have that I don't want that I rarely just look in the mirror and just see what's really there.  I'm sure many others feel the same way about themselves.  Although, I am grateful for many things about my face.  I have double eye lids (a treasure in the Asian world), full lips, long lashes, and high cheek bones.  I get all those things from my mother.  But why I can't be happy with that?  Why can't we all be happy with what we have?
It occured to me that is why perfectly beautiful people get plastic surgery.  They see everything that's not there instead of what's in front of them.  It also occurred to me that maybe instead of wishing I was prettier, better, smarter, funnier, whateverer maybe I should just accept what's there and love it.  The happiest people I know take in joy what they already have, not what they hope to have.

Do you have issues with pictures like me?  Do you have tips on how to take a good picture?  I heard that you should press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and look above the lens. 


  1. don't do that. It will make you look completely unnatural. BUT what you can do , and totally SHOULD is to get a MIRROR that you LOVE seeing your reflection in, and then LOOK INTO IT ALL! THE! TIME! You are what you THINK you are. SO , choose the reflection you like and BE it :)

    BTW: I need your email to add you in. Can you give it to me?

  2. Aw, you are beautiful just the way you are. Funny that you write this though, I was going to post something of a similar vein. I think we're all really hard on ourselves and expect to see on ourselves what we see in magazines and on television, and because most of us won't see those things (hello, all of it is airbrushed and manipulated)in the mirror, we feel less than adequate. I know because I am just as hard on myself. And I think often too, how I "don't know" how I really look like. I bet a lot of girls feel the same. The thing is, we have to just be happy w/ what we've got to work with. If you want to be more of something, you can be. lol I can go on and on about this, it's a lifelong process I suppose. Easy to say so many things, but harder to practice. As far as photos, I smile in most of mine and I think happy thoughts while doing so. I haven't tried the tricks you mentioned, but maybe I will this weekend as there's bound to be many photo opps with my bestie in town...

    have a great weekend!

    ps. you are beautiful. you have all the features that some women only wish they had! hello, cheekbones!

  3. Beautiful post and picture! (And, I'm so inspired by your dancing, too! I love ballet, but am hopelessly clumsy!) xo

  4. Oh yes, this is me. I love getting pictures taken, love hamming it up for the camera, but 99% of the time HATE the resulting pics. All I can think of is "ugh, that's how I look?? why can't I be prettier? maybe I should wear more makeup??" and on and on and on... Yes, we need to love what we have because it makes us US! Easier said than done on some days, but a noble goal nonetheless :)

  5. And P.S., you are beautiful!!! :)

  6. you are beautiful just enough girl. It simply needs you to appreciate what you have? :)

  7. I don't like how I look in photos. What makes me happy is the fact I'm more pretty in reality.I think is the same with you,though you're looking good in photos too.

  8. Hehe, I'm a food blogger who loves to dance and I'm glad I found your blog through Yasumi at Worship Blues. This post makes me laugh though because I also have a blog called A Face a Day where I make stupid faces and take pictures of myself; a good cure for worrying about if I look pretty ;P


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