Friday, April 16, 2010

Reader Dancing Photos

This Friday's Reader Childhood Dancing Photos (seriously, can we please rename this series?) come from two seriously beautiful women who are both mothers (Lindsay 2 and Sue 3).  Enjoy!

I used to dance with Lindsay from Top Frommen (a family blog about raising her kids and eating delicious food) in college and always admired her long legs and ballerina face.  Here she is at ten as a party girl with the Pacific Northwest Ballet.  Isn't she gorgeous?

This is Sue from The Zhush.  If you love Chanel then you will love The Zhush.  She has a fun, witty writing style and a keen eye for all that looks good.  She's the one in pink.  She says her mom apparently did not get the memo.

Keep them coming!  If you would like to submit a photo, please do so at  And if you want to link it to your blog just add the link in the email.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! (I am a Mom to Three!!! :) ) This is the cutest idea, bringing out the "tiny dancer" in us all! Have a lovely weekend Tiffany!

  2. Oh thank you! I made the correction.

  3. she made reference to what i was thinking you could rename it to: "Friday's Tiny Dancers" or something lol.

  4. I just love this series :)

    Thank you for your sweet comments... my "level head" isn't always so level. When I wrote that post last night I was in an okay place... this morning it took me 2 hours to get out of bed because of crying :P

    I do trust my PT and she has worked with a couple dancers in town... do you think she's being too conservative? Email me your thoughts, I'm curious:

    Happy weekend, Miss Branflake ;)
    xoxo J

  5. Thanks so much and I think in a week or two I am going to see another ballet :) xoxo

    Happy Weekend,
    Hope =)

  6. ah, these photos are so fab!

    it is good to be a girl, no! SO GLAD i am not a boy. ahahhaha

    hope you have a fab weekend! :)

  7. I want to be a party girl in a ballet! These photos are so wonderful!

  8. i always admire balerinas. it's great to meet someone like you. It'd be great to meet these friends of your too. :)

  9. Lindsay looks stunning in that dress. What a great idea !

  10. So cute! You need a button for your blog so that I can put it on mine!

  11. adorable! I love this sweet friday dancers...

  12. I wish I could send you my favourite ballet picture, but sadly it is lost. I can still see it in my mind's eye though: Three little girls dressed in white cotton ballet dresses (the kind RAD used to make you wear), standing in front of the door to the hall where we were about to take the exam. We were so tiny and delicate looking with our hair pulled back and our satin ballet slippers on. With the exception of one of the three of us we only just came level with the door handle.
    Oh how I wish I had that picture still!

  13. Haha that's hilarious:): Apparently her mom didn't get the it!

    Can you do more than two a week?! It's too good a series! I'm in such suspense after only two photos!!


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