Friday, November 5, 2010

Dancing Branflake Goes a la Mode

Everything about Sandy from Sandy a la Mode is classy and inviting.  Those two words describe her blog, her sweet shop, her demeanor, and her wonderful style. I am so happy she opened her home to us and I am thrilled to have our weekly Dancing Branflake dinner party in her honor.

The Decor
Everything about Sandy's home is inviting and full of love:
The flowers are from her husband and those curtains were made by her mother in law.  
Her life is oozing with beauty and warmth. 

The Menu
I can only imagine that the food Sandy would serve would be thoughtful, handmade, and very ambitious.
  Sandy reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn hence this cheese souffle a la Sabrina.

This beautiful Caprese salad , photographed by Sandy, can be found on one of her many food posts.
And the basil?  Straight from her garden.

Oh, yum!

 Sandy loves cupcakes so serving them a la mode just seems natural.

The Playlist
 Nina Simone's soothing voice will be the perfect addition to this classy dinner party.

What I'm Wearing
 This Picture of Perfection dress reminds me of Sandy so much.
Classy and chic and I know I'll look fab in it!

I'll be wearing a few of these Vintage Pearl hair pins from her Shop
So sweet! 

 I love these Flapper Fringe heels and I think Sandy would also.
The Favor
Everyone gets to go home with a box of these yummy S'mores by Sweet Lydia's, one of Sandy's sponsors.
And as another treat...
Sandy and fellow blogger Much Love, Illy have created a winter swap called Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
This swap will happen internationally so if you want to participate (and get to know fellow bloggers) email the two at

Click here to see all the information.
I signed up and I can't wait to find out what lucky blogger will get my gifts!
They are capping the swap to 100 bloggers so you better hurry!

Have a classy and inviting Friday- A La Mode!
If you would like to be featured for a Dancing Branflake Dinner, 
email me at tiffkaddy at for information.


  1. So many lovely things in this post! That salad looks delish.


  2. These are such cute posts! I'd love a box of thoes S'mores :P

  3. Her dining room is so sweet! And the party looks like it'd be a roaring success. I'm hungry just scrolling.
    Have a fantastic weekend, my dear!

  4. woohoo!! id love a party at sandy's at any day!!! (this is prob one of my fave features from your blog, tiff!)

    and so excited you are a part of the swap. thanks for spreading the word!

    happy friday, girl!

  5. lovely party... your dress is really cute... have a great weekend!

  6. Ohmigosh I so adore this dinner party - the Caprese Salad and Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes are enough to make me swoon!! :)

  7. SO awesome that you invited Sandy over for your Friday Dinner Party :) She does definitely have a cozy and lovely home - and you just know that everything about Sandy's party would be so warm and fun. I'm super excited about the swap! :) It'll be a very fun winter gift this holiday season :)

  8. Lovely mother in law I must say~
    stunning heels T!!


  9. Oh my mom loves Nina Simone. That dress she is wearing looks soooo pretty! Oh and that cheese souffle looks really good too.

  10. Umm can I just say I really really love this! Everything looks sooo yummie and its not becuase I havent had breakfast yet. That dress is so pretty too I love purple anything!

  11. What a wonderful warm room to start off a terrific post! I love the food here and adore the dress. I also adore Nina Simone - such a perfect, perfect party to kick off the soon-weekend! :)

  12. what a super fun feature!! love it!
    and love you both!!

  13. Love everything your showing! OOH that salad, yum.

    New follower. I am having a giveaway, come on by.

  14. Love Sandy & love this post!!! I'd love to visit for dinner :)

    Have a fabulous weekend, sweetie xoxo

  15. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!

    Camila F.

  16. Everything seems so cozy, nice! :D Thanks for sharing about the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap, I've signed up too!

  17. thank you tiffany for featuring my dining room and putting together such a lovely array of food!!!! your outfit is soooo adorable and i'm glad you're even wearing one of my hairpins!!! :D

    p.s. thanks soo much for posting about the swap too, it's going to be soo much fun!!! have a great weekend friend!!!! xo

  18. could you have shown me a more ideal evening that i would love to have sometime!
    i mean, everything after another was more "yes!" "absolutely" right on the dot.
    sounds like it'll be a good time.
    great job and making me feel the teeny-ist bit jealous :)

  19. Those shoes are FIERCE!! She does have a fabulous blog!

  20. What a wonderful feature! I absolutely adore her home and the way you so beautifully captured her personality!

  21. I can only imagine how fabulous a party would be with both you and Sandy in attendance!

  22. i love it! i love it all! it is such a super little series! and it all looks so FAB, from food to dessert, to clothing and shoes! PERFECTO!

  23. wonderful... nad cupcakes - of course !

    Have the most wonderful weekend...

  24. so pretty! i love your picks^__^ what a lovely blog you have it here! bon weekend & hi from 5amjetaime, gabrielle

  25. This party looks oh-so-classy! The dress is gorgeous, and the hair clips so sweet.

  26. Sounds so fun!! That food looks amazing... :) xoxo

  27. wow this post!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me!I wait you and your tips!kiss kiss ^^

  28. Those shoes make me want to build an entire outfit around them. They are a beautiful work of art.

  29. The dining room is charming and those flowers are so very pretty.
    The culinary delights pictured is making me hungry;-)


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