Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Little Dancing Bloggers

Oh my goodness, right?

Maria Hanley.  Creative dance teacher for the Mark Morris Dance Group and the New York City Ballet in New York City (that is way impressive).  Amazing blogger of move.create.educate with so many ideas for the little ones it's amazing.  I seriously cannot stop laughing at how cute she is. 

This is Rebekah from the blog The Childlike Empress.  What was she doing in this photo?  Apparently she was preparing to be a dancer with the Slovenian National Ballet in Europe because that's where she currently dances.  Again, way impressive.

Do you have a picture you would like to submit?  Email it to me at  I'll link it to your blog so all your followers will get to see what you looked like as a cute little dancer.

Just to let you know:
Blackberry: 9
iPhone: 21
Undecided and/or bitter but mostly bitter: 13

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anniversary Candy

Odd fact:
 The traditional gift for a 6th year anniversary is candy.  Finally, I have an excuse to go all out on Saturday (besides Halloween, Christmas, and Easter).  I love Snickers.  The husband loves Almond Joy.  Easiest anniversary ever.

What's your favorite candy?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Calling Your Advice

image by Mark Shaw found here

My Verizon contract is up.  I'd like a new phone.  Any suggestions?  Blackberry, Droid, iPhone?  What kind of phone/carrier do you use?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They So Could Be Models

I think dancers are the most beautiful people in the world and I love looking at dancer head shots.  These San Francisco Ballet dancers are absolutely stunning.  All photos are by David Allen and can be found on the San Francisco Ballet's website.

Lorena Feijoo

Kristen Long

Vanessa Zahorian

Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun

Elizabeth Miner

Aren't they stunning?

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Also, yesterday's post on my friend Alice, the Betsey Johnson gal, got circled among the Betsey Johnson people.  Even the CFO of the company got an email about it.  How crazy is that?  Alice is such a rock star!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What It's Like to Work for Betsey Johnson

In high school I always wanted to dress like Alice.  She made a t-shirt and jeans look cool with her DIY sparkley Converse and  amazing hair.   She loved fairies and when we went to an Incubus concert together she wore a pair of big fairy wings and cat ears.  And it looked good. 

She now fittingly works for Betsey Johnson and I thought all the fashionista Dancing Branflake readers would like a peek into what it's like to work for the famous Betsey Johnson.  Not only is she incredibly stylish but she has a great sense about life and loves to joke around (as you can tell from these photos, which I got from her Facebook page)

DB: What is your offical job title?
Alice: Store Manager (or head Pink Lady) of the Betsey Johnson boutique in Union Square, San Francisco.

DB: Why Betsey Johnson?
Alice: Betsey has always been one of my favorite designers. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear a party dress on a Wednesday just because? Dressing-up has always been my favorite past time; I would spend soooo much time as a kid coordinating my shoes to my belt to my headband to my eyeshadow...eek! It's always been so much fun for me to really get creative with my outfits and personal style. She has always been fashion's wild child; having really theatrical runway shows, and always finishes her shows with a cartwheel down the runway. Ha, I used to finish my cross-country meets in high school with a cartwheel across the finish line! Oh me and Betsey, meant to be...

Subtly joking around.

DB: Describe a typical day.
Alice: Coffee, paperwork, Prom shoppers, Vegas trip, visitors from Italy, wedding dress!!!, lunch at Boudin's, kombucha from Crepe O Chocolat, more paperwork, emails, favorite Betsey client who comes in at least once a week, Shipment!!!!!! (feels like Christmas morning!), buy a new pair of tights or something, home.

DB: You work the most stylish and intriguing woman in the world. What is she like?
Alice: She is literally exactly how you would imagine her: Spunky, big red smile, and just a really warm and playful personality - just like the clothes. She has more energy than you could ever imagine coming out of a 67 year-old 5'2'' woman. She is very gracious and sweet, and always makes a point to thank me for my hard work and ask if there is anything I need. She even sent me roses on my birthday!! Betsey is also one of the only designers I've seen that really dresses in her own designs, and Betsey is always head to toe. She has NEVER been seen without those big red lips, and I totally love that about her.

DB: What are the perks of working for Betsey Johonson?
Alice: Well, the obvious answer is the DISCOUNT. But I really like that we run the company with a real mom-and-pop feel. I have a lot of freedom to really run my store my style, and my feedback is really valued in the company. I don't feel like employee #123456789 or something; I'm just Alice from Geary!

DB: Describe your personal style.
Alice: A little Joan from Mad Men with a little Betty Draper on the side.

DB: Imagine yourself looking in your closet. What's the first thought that comes to your mind?
Alice: Oh my, well I always think, "how on earth did I fill this thing!?" (I have a two story, 13' long closet, and it is filled to the brim!). Then I like to start with one small piece, maybe even just a scarf or a shoe, and build up from there. It's funny how you can start with just a pair of socks and make a great outfit around that! Get a little inspiration for the day and go with it. My friend and I like to use a Grey Gardens quote when we finally pick our our day's outfit: "Yes, this is the best costume for the day".
The only serious photo here.  She looks amazing!

DB: Any fashion advice to Dancing Branflake readers?

Alice: Oh goodness, it's so easy to get lost with Fashion Rules. I think if it makes you look good and feel good, just wear it! Don't let your friends or your significant other poo-poo your style - wear what makes you happy. One of my favorite stores in San Diego has a really great slogan I love to use: "Relax, it's just a dress!" Ooooh oooh, one more cheezy line (I am the queen!!) : "The only thing that can be over-dressed is a salad!" So go big or go home, people!

DB:Anything else you like to add?
Alice:You can check out a bio of me on the Pink Spotlight on Betsey's website.
And definitely come see me if you're in San Francisco!!! XOXO

Thanks, Alice! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lemon Wreaths and Others

Which Williams and Sonoma Wreath would you choose?

I am in love with this Springtime Lemon Wreath filled with hydrangeas and fragrant lemons.

This Garden Rose Wreath reminds me of the English Countryside.

The herbs in this Cook's Herb Wreath
with bay leaf, sage, rosemary and purple oregano can be used for cooking.

This soothing Lavender Wreath with cute tiny blossoms makes me think of Jo March and her sisters.

A wreath might be an expression of your love for nature.  It certainly makes a door more stylish and inviting.  I believe there are wreath people and non-wreath people.  Are you a wreath person?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all who participated in our $25 See's Gift Card Giveaway.  And the winner is...
 Entry number 19, Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary.

Congratulations!  Brandi, I would recommend the following See's products.

Scotchmallows have a honey marshmallow and soft caramel center all wrapped up in thick dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate California Brittle has toffee so buttery it's heaven.

I didn't even know See's carried fudge but this looks amazing.

Congrats Brandi!  Just email me your address at

Friday's Sweet Tiny Dancers

I love this series so much!  You bloggers are too cute!

This is Nichelle from Nichelle Dances and creator of the completely amazing and widely popular Dance Advantage (a great resource for all dancers and dance bloggers).  This is the first of her many recitals.  Isn't she so sweet?

Awesome fashion blogger Pixel Hazard from Bright Green Laces sent this over and I love it.  I love the colors and her innocent expression. 

If you have a dancing photo to send me just email it to me at  Attach a link to your blog if you want it mentioned with your picture. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do You See What I See?

 I see beautiful feet with high arches. 

Anytime I see a person with high arches I gush and tell them they have dancers' feet.

And I secretly envy them because I know how well their feet look in a nice high heel.

 If you have high arches I urge you to take a dance class.  And show them off this summer anyway you can in a strappy heel.  Because, really, are nice feet good for anything else?

Are you blessed with high arches?   

It's the last day to enter the Giveaway!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thoughts On Yoga

I've been doing yoga four times a week for almost three months now and here's what I've learned:

If you can't breathe deeply in a pose then you need to not push so close to your edge.  Much like life, if you can't take a deep breath and relax perhaps you need to cut something out.

This takes humility and a willingness to remember why you are in that studio in the first place.  You cannot practice yoga without humility and  breath.

Breathe in (inspire) the good and breathe out the bad.  Push out the negativity in life and greatly welcome all that is good.

For me, yoga just feels good.  I'm more flexible, centered, not afraid to try new things, and proud of my accomplishments.  As a dancer, this is amazing.

About the Giveaway- Thank you Pen.ny for pointing out that See's Candy is mostly a California company.  Never fear!  You can enjoy all the sweet treats by buying them all online here.  They'll ship just in time for Mother's Day (they have a bunch of specials for Mother's Day) or for you to enjoy while watching The Food Network.  Get the $25 Gift Card at our Giveaway.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Most Beautiful Couple

 Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. 
Their beautiful friendship immortalized the most beautiful dancing the world has ever seen.

  "Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves in their art. Any sort of pretension induces mediocrity in art and life alike."
-Margot Fonteyn 

Enter the See's Candy $25 Gift Card Giveaway here.  Winner will be announced on Friday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway!

I am surrounding by amazing women.  My mother is the best mother I could ever hope for, my step-mother is utterly amazing, and my mother-in-law is the sweetest person I have ever met.  That's why in honor of Mother's Day I am having my first Giveaway.

For a chance to win a $25 Gift Card to See's Candy, just be a follower and leave a comment below and a winner will be chosen at random on Friday.  You can up your chances of winning by blogging, Facebooking, or tweeting about this and leaving separate comments, but you don't have to.  This is open to all countries, non bloggers, and people who love Lucille Ball (haha).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Treats

I love Springtime treats.  I'd love to pack these in a picnic basket, eat them along the river, and then maybe fly a pink butterfly kite with my fellow foodie friends. 

A fun little Personalized Cookie Birdhouse.

Can we please start a movement to build cookie birdhouses in the Spring?  Gingerbread houses once a year just isn't enough.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dancing Branflake on Video

The ladies before performing "Desire to Take Flight," another piece we performed that night. Even though we wore all white for some reason I thought it was okay the night before to go to the movies and eat a hot dog and popcorn. And then go to In-n-Out afterward and eat a cheeseburger and fries. Really? What was I thinking???

And now, for the first (and maybe the last) time in Dancing Branflake history, I am posting a video of myself dancing. This piece is a modern dance solo about a woman desperately missing a loved one. Although the solo is 6 minutes long I edited it to about 30 seconds because, well, I get a little shy about stuff like this.

So, in my hot dog, theater popcorn, In-n-Out and fries glory...



Sorry for the low quality. This was done by my own Sony camera and the official professional video has yet to come out. This means you guys are super special and get a sneak peak before everyone else.

Yes, you guys are super special.
Thanks for always being so awesome.

Reader Dancing Photos

This Friday's Reader Childhood Dancing Photos (seriously, can we please rename this series?) come from two seriously beautiful women who are both mothers (Lindsay 2 and Sue 3).  Enjoy!

I used to dance with Lindsay from Top Frommen (a family blog about raising her kids and eating delicious food) in college and always admired her long legs and ballerina face.  Here she is at ten as a party girl with the Pacific Northwest Ballet.  Isn't she gorgeous?

This is Sue from The Zhush.  If you love Chanel then you will love The Zhush.  She has a fun, witty writing style and a keen eye for all that looks good.  She's the one in pink.  She says her mom apparently did not get the memo.

Keep them coming!  If you would like to submit a photo, please do so at  And if you want to link it to your blog just add the link in the email.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A "Serenade" of Inspiration

Imagine this: You want to teach your piece and invite all to come and dance.  It's your first time out as a choreographer.  17 dancers show up.  The next night, only nine show up and the next is even less.   During a rehearsal, a dancer falls and starts to cry.  Another shows up late, expecting to still dance in the piece.  And on top of it all, some of the dancers aren't very good.

Sounds pretty grim, doesn't it?

But you keep going and use what dancers you have.  You even choreograph a girl falling on stage and someone else running in as others are dancing.  You put the dancers who can't dance well in fewer parts and highlight the more talented ones.

The result is one of the most famous and celebrated ballets in American history.

Thank you, George Balanchine, for creating my favorite ballet 76 years ago and for reminding me how to make the absolute best out of anything.

To listen to a clip of Serenade go here.