Friday, December 31, 2010

A Sparkling New Year's Eve Dinner Party

Make this the most glamorous New Year's Eve and come on over to this sparkling Dancing Branflakes New Year's Eve Dinner party.  The key to a sparkle party?  Looking chic, not twelve.
Just click on the links for image sources and recipes.

The Decor
image via
This table has been making the Pinterest and Flickr rounds and I could not resist sharing it.
I think it's the perfect place to celebrate, dine, and talk the night away.

The Playlist 
is the queen of sparkle, or, eh, glitter.

 image via

The Menu
sparkles as much as food can sparkle.
 image via
Food dusted with flecks of edible gold is a must at a New Year's Eve Dinner Party.

image via Williams-Sonoma
Doesn't really sparkle, but it sounds so good right now.

I love that this Asparagus Soup is made with sparkling water.

image via
My most favorite New Year's Celebration Drink.
Brings back so many childhood memories.

Thick hot chocolate and sparkling sugar donuts.

What I'm Wearing
Too much sparkle?
I say bring it.
(Or "bling" it!)
It's perfect for dancing and kissing at midnight.
Can't go wrong with sparkles!
 Pick of the Glitter shoes from Steve Madden.

I love that these Anthropologie earrings look like little disco balls.

Give me a reason to wear sparkling hair combs and I will take it!
From Etsy maker The Pemberley Collection.

And then really bling it out with this Kate Spade necklace.

The Favor
The bell has rung, you kiss that special someone,
and you leave with a box of these sparkling beauties.
image via

Happy New Year!
Please be safe!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

*if you would like to be featured in this dinner party series, email me a photo of your dining room or a dining room you covet to tiffkaddy at  I will do the rest!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Look Model Worthy in Photos

image via

On Tuesday, photographer Tom Huynh and I went out to lunch (Pho!) and had a nice chat.  I was complaining explaining to him that even though I have loved collaborating with these talented photographers I don't have the model body type (tall, leggy, wind constantly in the hair).  Then he said something I thought was very profound.

image via
The model of elegance: Audrey Hepburn.

"It's all about elegance.  You don't have to have the model body type to take a good photo if you are elegant."

That made me feel better.

image via Lacrimosa

 Let's all celebrate by walking with a book on our head. 
I kid!  I am pretty sure elegance comes from within.

How do you feel elegant?
Also, images from our photoshoot will be up soon!

ps... don't forget to enter the giveaway.  I don't do these often so when I do it's pretty exciting (for me, at least).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Giveaway: Be Hip and Get Some Original Artwork

Ever since Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo did a tour of her apartment on Shelter Pop and mentioned that she loved to buy photography from emerging photographers I have been inspired to do the same.  Filling an abode with original artwork and photography from up and coming artists is a beautiful way to build your own personal gallery and support the art world.

Which is why I am thrilled to host this giveaway by Kimia Kline of Alkeemi.  Her artwork intrigues me and I would love to have some of it hanging on my wall.  It would be a great dinner party conversation topic.

Kimia has offered this piece, "Bittersweet."

Bittersweet is my favorite piece, which is why I chose it for the Giveaway.  To me, it tells a story of a conflicting relationship of two sisters or life long friends.  Very Jane Austen to me.  But you may have your own interpretation.

To enter this giveaway:
1. Follow Dancing Branflakes
2. Visit her website Alkeemi.
3. Leave a comment below.

I will pick a winner randomly on Monday Jan 3rd.

If you would like me to host a giveaway for you, just email me at tiffkaddy at

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guinea Pigs and Natalie Portman's Fiance

 image via

A week before Christmas our friend bought his daughter a baby guinea pig.  He asked if we could keep it until Christmas Eve so he could surprise his daughter when she came down on Christmas morning.  Of course we said yes.  Chris even leaned over to me as we were putting the little guinea pig in her new cage and said "I have always wanted a guinea pig."  He was clearly smitten with her.  I smiled. Big.  He is a constant surprise.

Ever since then we have guinea pigs on the brain.  Can you blame us?

 image via flickr

 image via newfoundjoye

 image via cuteoverload

 image via lafauce

In other news, remember in July when I blogged about Natalie Portman's boyfriend, professional ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied?  Well, it turns out that not only are they engaged but she is also expecting.  
That's going to be one beautiful child.
(Have you seen the fiance? If not click on the link above)
 And Natalie is going to be the most beautiful bride.

Do you have a guinea pig?
Do you have any tips for a couple of Branflakes who are considering getting one?
And are you just as excited as I am to see 
Natalie Portman as a bride?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner Parties

As you know, I am obsessed with dinner parties.  And even though it's winter for most of us I am still craving an outdoor dinner party.  To be surrounded by fresh flowers and decadent treats sounds heavenly right now.  Very Marie Antoinette.

 image via technicolor

 image via tumblr

 image via inthis4walls

 image via mnwedding08

image via tumblr

Anyone been to a good dinner party lately?
Ps... I love how flowers are nature's ruffles.  
And we all know how wonderful ruffles are.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Tree

Sugar plums, pointe shoes, fairies on unicorns in rich jewel tones make me extremely happy with my Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas tree. 

Sigh.  It's been a good Christmas Season.  Let's do this again real soon.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blogger Christmas Tree Photos Part Deux

Here's the final segment of our Blogger Christmas Tree Series.  Utterly impressed is what I am.  Utterly impressed.

 Love Kimbirdy!  I met her blog when she was prepping for her awesome DIY wedding.  If you want tips on how to make a wedding awesome then visit her blog.  She is also the most giving person and is always letting us know about charities and ways to give.

Hollie has been with me almost from the very beginning of Dancing Branflakes.
Her daughter is the sweetest and her photography gets better and better.

Camptown Vintage
good clean fun :)

This blog has a sweet vintage shop and a bubbly personality.

Audrey Allure
She is absolutely the queen of nightlife, indie films, and hip music.
let's give them something to talk about
I am in love with this photo!
This happy blog makes you smile with its thoughts on life and hilarious stories.
the (mis)adventures of a physicist and a physician-in-training
Right now they have an amazing wreath posted.
And the fact that one of them is a physicist is very intriguing.

Susan and I go way back (high school!) and you'll see her photos on my blog regularly.
We have a dance photo shoot scheduled and I cannot wait to start this project with her.
She was recently named The Knot's Best of Weddings 2011.
Congrats, Susan!

Thanks for participating!
Up next: My Sugar Plum Fairy Tree

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blogger Christmas Trees

Just as I suspected, bloggers have the most fantastic trees.  I asked you to send me your Christmas tree photos and I cannot wait to share them now.  I can tell you that each of these ladies have fabulous blogs that you'll want to be blogging buddies with.  This is just part one.  Buckle up because your favorite blogger just might be in here.

 Such a sweet blogger.
You want style?  She's got it.
You want to be uplifted?
She'll do it.

She always has wonderful style ideas for every part of your life.
Unique finds and a classy format.

She is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.
Her style is completely what I want mine to be and her outfit posts are too cute.

Love her!  She seriously is one of the nicest bloggers out there.

She has the best header but I could not save it onto my desktop.
You'll just have to visit her to see it!

Thank you, ladies, for making this season so festive and fun.