Saturday, February 25, 2012

When People Cooler Than You Like You, Awesome Things Happen

Good Morning! Just a quick pop in to tell you about some amazing things going on around Dancing Branflakes.

photo of me by Susan Yee of En Pointe Photography

Melissa of So About What I Said... featured me in her 100 word or less love story series. 
If you don't know Melissa you are sorely missing out. 
Her famous blog talks about her life as a writer, blogger, and future wife as a woman with a disability.  But, her disability doesn't stop her from achieving her dreams and as a reader I am honored to tag along on her path to success.

Thank, Melissa! You're awesome!

See the feature HERE.


I was also featured on Debby's blog, Inspired Design.
Seriously, how lucky am I?
She is also one of those "You're crazy popular and talented, can you please be my friend?" blogger.
You know the type.
She's the blog that I honestly look forward to reading every morning and when her post does come up my jaw drops because they are so amazing. 
And the fact that she featured me as part of her Inspiration Girl Series?
Humbled. Completely humbled.

See the feature Here.

Thank you, ladies!
Love you all to the moon!


  1. It was my honor to have you on my blog! Can I guest post for you sometime? :)

  2. I've been following Melissa and Debby's blogs for a while now, and they are both amazing ladies, but so are you! Don't underestimate your own fabulousness!

  3. aw i've been a fan of Melissa's blog for such a long time! love that you were featured over there. p.s. LOVE this photo!

  4. Fun! You totally deserve the attention & admiration, darling!
    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  5. i love both ladies... they are the best and so happy you got featured on their sites!

  6. Brill! May you continue to inspire!

  7. i saw your love story on melissa's blog and totally agree, it's all about the little things!

  8. Whooza! I'm don't think they're cooler than you, but I know they are sure that you are really cool, Tiffany! xo

  9. It has been a pleasure to catch up with your latest posts (was it just me or you didn't have bloglovin before?) hmm maybe I was just blind.

    Alas, darling- I am now sure to keep up haha.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. congrats on all the features love! :)

  11. Hey there! I saw your comment on my blog, The Style Geek and thought I'd pop over to take a look at yours. I love it! Especially the Body Image section!!! SUCH a small world that you went to school with Russ (my husband). Congrats on the features in Inspired Design and So About What I Said.

  12. two AWESOME places to be featured! don't blame either of them one bit for featuring you!


  13. congrats!! great features on super special blogs ;)

  14. I found your blog through So About What I Said months ago. Very grateful that I did.

    love that photo of you!


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