Monday, November 5, 2012

A few notes about my smile.

My dentist wants me to get braces. Apparently I have 'a substantial overbite' and need help. My response? Oh, heck no! I am not humble enough to do that. I have major props to people who are, but I can't. Just can't.

He's not the first dentist to tell me this. A year ago another one said I had 'quite an overbite' but it was okay because boys think it's cute.


My left front tooth sticks out. When I wear lipstick, it usually ends up on it. I never noticed how crooked it was until a guy named James was talking to me, looked at me funny, and said, "You're tooth sticks out."

Oh. Thanks.

That tooth that sticks out? It's dead. The root is completely dead. The dentist thinks it's because I hit it when I was younger. He told me it must have been a pretty hard blow to the mouth to cause it to die. I have no recollection of this.

I'm thinking I was abused and suppressed the memories. Just kidding. I would have remembered punching someone back.

The tooth not only sticks out, but the dead root makes it look discolored and I cringe whenever I see it in the mirror.

But I smile. All the time. I can't help it. I was designed to.

That's the lesson I learned about my smile: it may not be perfect, but life isn't either, yet I want to smile anyway.

Well, enough about me...
Tell me about your smile!
(And thank you for all your kind words from yesterday's post. Your support keeps this blog going!)


  1. I have a snaggletooth too and my teeth aren't centred when I smile but a bit off kilter - much like me.

  2. every person is too perfect in taht way how he came here on this world! :)

  3. My thoughts? Don't fix what isn't broken. You have a beautiful smile, and that's what counts.

    I actually have an underbite, and the oral surgeon wanted to break my jaw and realign it correctly. It would have been a six-hour surgery that involved cutting all of the nerves in my mouth, but I declined. My regular doctor was very against such an operation. :)

  4. If you love your smile, enjoy it! I had three years of braces as a kid to avoid jaw problems when I was older, but my teeth are still a bit off because I have one baby tooth left--and I love it. I say, if it's not going to cause serious medical/health problems, why bother fixing it?

  5. Ha! Like the quote I wrote more about today - we were born to be real, not perfect :) I think you smile is beautiful. And there is such thing as TOOO much white and TOOO symmetrical. I love yours - it's perfect. It's real.

    I wish I had good teeth... ALL girls in our line has genetic issues. Unfortunately. But that's our reality :)


  6. My two front teeth are discolored from being sick when I was a baby AND one of them has a little chip in it. Whatevs. I got compliments on my smile all the time.

    There's no such thing as perfect.

    And you have a beautiful smile.

  7. I have dimples, and I use to get teased SO BADLY for them. Some kids actually called me "Dimples" at school. I have decided that they will forever make me look like a little kid when I smile. I also always wonder what they will look like when I am old lady.

    P.S. I think your smile and teeth are beautiful!

  8. I have a space between my 2 front teeth. When I was younger, it was a lot bigger and my dentist told me my teeth would grow together so no need to get braces. While it did come together, it never fully closed in and now I just feel way too old to get braces! It doesn't really bother me anyways!

  9. I would never have noticed that one of your front teeth is dead - when we met all I thought was 'What a beautiful smile! What lovely white teeth!'... No, I certainly don't think you need braces.

  10. girls with overbites unite! i'm married so mark is stuck with me overbite or not :)

  11. Nice smile! As long as you don't have other risk factors such as tmj problems, wear, or stress from occlusion it is subjectively elective from an esthetic standpoint - although we do see people damage and wear their teeth out from malocclusion - a thorough dentist is correct in advising you of the spectrum of options-

  12. Is this the James I'm thinking of? Now there's the one you should have punched in the face. Hehe... You are radiant when you smile; it's one of the first things I noticed about you when I met you.

  13. I think your smile is cute. My smile has issues mostly because I was born with Nager syndrom which affects the teeth, jaw bones, and etc. I actually am wearing braces for the second time now to help keep them straighten and prepared for my next operation to align the jaw and avoid more misalignments. Sucks but I'm trying.

  14. @Danielle- and I love how you always smile right into the camera. It's so beautiful and honest and loving.

  15. You have such a bright, infectious smile–I'm glad you wouldn't change it!

    I got braces growing up (my mom insisted) and to tell the truth, my teeth don't look all that different! But she has a gap she hates, and I think it was important to her that I not regret what we did to my smile growing up, so I can appreciate it.

  16. I think your smile is beautiful! My teeth are a bit out of line as well, even though I had braces for 3 years and everything was straight as can be. When my wisdom teeth started making trouble they pushed everything out of line again. Well, I guess that's how they were meant to be!
    Hugs xxx

  17. Mostly when I hear people talk about the dentist, I think about Owl City's "The Dentist" song. Super funny.

    You're so right, who cares? I think you're beautiful and until it actually becomes harmful to your body is some way, it's harmless. Smile on pretty lady.


  18. here's to imperfect teeth!!!!

    i think the most appalling teeth are the white veneer chicklett teeth that everyone in hollywood has. i CANNOT STAND THEM!!!!

    perhaps this is a defensive reaction, as my teeth are far from perfect! i had to endure braces as a teen (my teeth were "one for the books" -- literally -- that is what the orthodontist said). my bottom teeth went back to their previous state, which makes me laugh. they are all crooked. WHO CARES! sometimes flaws are more interesting than perfection.

    one of my front teeth is fake. and discolored. and my teeth aren't very white at all. and the dentist always wants to re-do the fake tooth and then whiten all of my teeth so they are even and bright and shiny. and this would cost over $2k. SO NO THANKS.

    plus i have heard that the teeth whitening stuff can be carcinogenic. PASS ON THAT.

  19. The overbite isn't always just an aesthetic thing...I think, sometimes, as you get older you might find your jaw locking because of it. You might want to look at the health pros/cons of the overbite.

  20. oh goodness, your teeth are fine, and your smile... incredibly gorgeous!

  21. Your smile is makes me smile!! Happy day, friend! xoxo

  22. I'm also a huge smiler too, cant help it! And you, friend, have a great grin. :)
    They say the English have the worst teeth but no one cares because they have the most amazing accents!
    (congrats on the feature, I think that's awesome!)

  23. No lie, I have had so much work done on my teeth...thousands! All out of my pocket! Still have at minimum $'s heart breaking actually, something wrong every time I go to the dentist...I inherited Dad's bad teeth...

  24. And I have never noticed your snaggletooth...I've always thought you had a lovely smile...

  25. your smile is beautiful!! i had braces.. twice! but my teeth are still crooked again...

    Sandy a la Mode

  26. you know how i feel about the front dead tooth (you and me girl, you and me!). and who cares about the overbite?! why do dentists think we all must have PERFECT teeth. is it affecting your life?

    no. (right?)

  27. Found you via Glamour! Love your honesty! My teeth are a bit crooked and I have a gap between the two front teeth. Every dentist I've seen has told me to get braces. Thanks for a positive reminder to love ourselves for the things that make us unique!

  28. I think you have a beautiful smile and shouldn't change anything about it (unless, of course, it's required for health reasons)
    I have a gap between my teeth and I think it makes me different, so I would never change it.

  29. You're beautiful and I love your smile.

    I had braces for a "substantial overbite" when I was younger.

    Something else we have in common is the dead front tooth. I don't know how/when I damaged mine either. The dentist said it's rare, but essentially the tooth gave itself a root canal. Go figure!

  30. I have a tooth like that too. Nobody notices unless I point it out! It also has a sharp corner for some reason, which is really useful if I need to open a stubborn wrapper of something.

  31. I love this segment of your blog. I, too, had a dying front tooth. It was due to my mouth colliding with a swing set when I was a kid (and the tooth was a baby tooth). When my dentist told me at 25 that I had to have the tooth removed and replaced with an implant, I cried. My smile was like my signature. I was known for it, and didn't want it to change. But for health reasons, I had to go through with the implant. The best part? My smile is just as beautiful and distinctive as before, and most people are surprised when they learn one of my front teeth isn't 'real.' :)


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