Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A list of things Mr. Branflake does for me. It's pretty shocking.

Thank you all for your comments, emails, Facebook messages, and tweets about our big news. I've written and rewritten this post, trying to find adequate words to express how I feel yet end up short every time. I'm equally excited about our new adventure as I am sad to be leaving the life I've built in Sacramento and the prospect of spending six months apart from Mr. Branflake.

Holy moly. Can I do this? Live without him for that long? I know it's NOTHING compared to what military spouses have to endure, so I am in no position to complain, but let's all admit right now that I'm pretty co-dependent and needy.

This was meant to be cute, but my foot just looks huge compared to his.
Oh my gosh! Can I please be not self-conscious about my body for one minute?!
For the record, his feet are much larger than mine, it's just the foot placement was all off.

For example, here is a list of things Mr. Branflake does for me:

Laundry (wash, folds, and puts away)
Cleans the counters
Cleans the bathroom
(In my defense, cleaning is his stress relief)
Takes out the trash/recycling
Wakes me up (it takes an army)
Makes sure I eat 
Fixes all electronic issues 
Makes our bed/cleans our sheets
Takes photos (good-bye outfit posts)
Tells me I'm beautiful all the day long

You know that stereo-typical artist who lives in a free-spirited chaos? That's me without Mr. Branflake. I know I can do all of the above, but will I? Maybe. Probably not.

On the plus side, I'll have double the closet space. 

Who keeps the home organized in your relationship?
And for all you awesome single people, are you pretty self-sufficient?


  1. Mr B is an angel! It's gonna be tough, but I'm sure you'll get through it - and seeing each other will be all the more wonderful.

  2. What a guy! I know it won't be easy for you, but I also know you can do it! Time will fly by as it always does and you will be re-united in no time! Hugs xxx

  3. Cleaning is a point of contention in our little apartment...My husband claims I'm the messy one. But I'm not the one who leaves laundry in the kitchen. Or dishes on my desk for days unless someone moves them. Or socks within reach of a thieving puppy.

    When Cory and I were dating and we lived ninety miles apart, we made a point to call each other every night and text throughout the day. In some ways, that made us open and communicative in a way that has stuck with us. We also learned to be protective of our time together--to make sure we had dedicated time to be together when we visited on weekends. It wasn't easy, to be sure, but good things came of it.

    And time will fly by. It'll feel long in the thick of it, but then you'll suddenly be done and wondering where the time went.

  4. he's definitely a gem! And kind of sounds like my husband too, who also cleans meticulously as stress relief!

  5. My boyfriend loves to do everything in my apartment. We don't even live together but he won't let me in the kitchen or clean or take out the trash or anything. Maybe it's because he's still a guest in his eyes...I don't know. BUT, i do know that after he leaves my apartment goes back to being a mess...hehe =)

    You can do it dear w/out Mr. Branflake! Make sure both your computers have cameras for Skype!

    Ergo - Blog

  6. You CAN do it! When my hubs travels for work, he always worries about me eating because he cooks or buys dinner every night. I somehow manage :-) Best wishes!!!

  7. Such a sweetie. I'm usually the one who keeps the home organized. When I'm working long weekend shifts or an away visiting family, when I return, Johnny tries his best to clean up but it's never how I left it ;) But he is good on reminding us about bills and he is the fixer of stuff.

  8. Who cleans at our house? Why, Cinderfella, of course! (I keep telling you: Gypsies stole him at birth -- 'cept he's smarter than me...).

  9. Hahaha... well I used to be lucky and have a husband that took care of all of those things. Then we moved to Africa and had a full time maid which made us both lazy and now in Norway, I'm in charge of it. Let me tell you, it was much more fun back when I was the messy one and he was the clean one.

  10. my Husband is the exact same way. I swear he does so much for me..and us. :)

  11. It's lovely how well Mr. Branflake takes care of you but I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to manage the house for 6 mos. Missing him like crazy might be another matter though. I'm the home organizer but my husband is great about any chore I don't want to do and delegate to him :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. It's so nice having a hands on husband!! My husband folds the laundry most of the time too. In my defense, I sort, wash and put them away. The least he can do is fold them right?! ;) Whenever my hubby goes out of town for work, I think, "how am I going to do this? How am I going to take care of my kids and keep my house clean?" but some how I always find the strength to do the things I need to do. I think the same will be true for you. :)

  13. Such a good guy–but I know he's equally lucky to have your free spirit in his life! John and I have a fairly even split, but he manages the trash, the floors and the dishes while I do the bathroom, counters, and the bed. As for the laundry? Thank goodness for wash & fold.

  14. Hmmm...can Mr. Branflake come to my house??? ;)

  15. Awww...you and Mr. Branflake have the sweetest relationship - I love it!

    As for me...I am fiercely independent and haven't figured out whether that's a good or bad thing yet. I tend to think it's a bad thing when it comes to relationships. We'll see... :/

  16. Aww! How sweet!!! I'd offer to come out and help, but I've never been good at cleaning. If you ever need a shopping buddy, I'm your gal! :)

  17. Iz and I tend to share household stuff. He does the dishes. I do the laundry. We both vacuum. I could go on.

    You're pretty lucky to have such an amazing guy =-) But he's lucky to have you too.

  18. What a lucky girl you are! I do most of the indoor household chores, but we work pretty well together outside in the yard and garden. Also, I like cleaning (most of the time) so I don't mind. : )

  19. I just saw a comment of yours on Oh Hello Friend's blog... and it reminded me how much I adore you and your blog! I first found you on Tabitha's Bourban and Pearls...

    i am right there with you thinking Scotland is the most beautiful country... just recently got back from visiting for the first time!

    This is such a sweet sweet post of gratitude! So happy to have found you again!

  20. Oh, six months is a long time when you are so in love. I would say my personality is much more like yours. I joke that since the separation, Logan and I live like college kids. There is just no time for cleaning! I'm never home now. xo

  21. Without Ben, I'd probably be out dancing all night and eating hamburgers for breakfast.

  22. Maybe Mr. B will get you a maid to help out? You hear me Mr. B? Otherwise who will get you packed up to meet him??

  23. mark is def the one that does things for me the most in our relationship. i mean, i do stuff if i feel like but i'm more...like...i'll do things when i feel like it, etc...and he's all...he'll do them when they have to be done. my favorite quote that makes me think of mark is "he made the world to be a grassy road beneath her wandering feet" : )

  24. So sweet...we do a pretty amazing job of working together to organize ourselves!

  25. I definitely keep it organized in my house :) you are lucky!!!

  26. You're a lucky lady! What a gentleman. Danny and I share in the organization ... he does the laundry, the fixing of things, the trash, the cooking, while I do most of the cleaning. But like your husband, cleaning is my stress reliever!

  27. Damn girl, you are spoiled! Hehe! I laughed out loud when you said it takes an army to wake you up, it is much the same for me hehe. I'm sorry you have to apart for six months, I can't imagine. Looks like he needs to hire a maid for that time :p

  28. looks like you get to do more cleaning for 6 months! lucky you! lol

    the only great thing about being apart that long is that when you reunite it WILL BE AWESOME. :)

  29. well well well mr. branflake sounds AMAZING!!!


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