Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Reason to Party: Supporting the Arts In Your Community

A few weeks ago I covered an event put on by A Reason to Party, a volunteer-based organization that throws parties for a good cause. This last party was to help the Verge Center for the Arts, a non-profit geared to help the contemporary arts in Sacramento. As a dancer, I'm grateful for A Reason to Party and their part in helping the arts in Sacramento. 

Held at the beautiful Elk's Tower in downtown Sacramento, it was a night of live music, beautiful dancing, and amazing food. Bottom line: Sacramento artists know how to party. 

Tom and I. Yes, this is The Tom who always takes those amazing photos of me 
(he has magic skills).
Ps.. you know a party's legit when you get a photo like this. Bam!

Andrew Hopper of CORE Dance Collective doing some improv outside the building as a unique way too greet the guests.
Some of the many beautiful chandeliers inside the Elk's Tower.

All VIP guests (that's me!) hung out in the Penthouse Lounge. I have to say, once you go VIP, you can never go back. 

Dancers from CORE graced the audience with hours and hours of improv.
They were all so beautiful!

Some of the amazing food. On the right: Cheesy meatballs. I know what you're thinking:
Yes, it took all my strength not to eat the entire pot. 

DJ Anthony Vincent doing his thing while WRINGS set up in the background.

I was all up in DJ Anthony's grill. He was totally cool with it. I like people like that.
Local Sacramento band, WRINGS, playing their set.
I highly recommend downloading their songs off of iTunes. Great music!

Thank you, A Reason to Party, for throwing a bomb event. I can't wait for the next one!

Do you have charity events like this in your community?
I'd love to hear all about it!
Photos by Dancing Branflake


  1. It really looks like a great party.. Unfortunately, my city is too small for cool things like this!

  2. Okay, so this is basically the COOLEST soiree I have ever "vicariously" attended. My community needs to offer gatherings like this! :D

  3. All kind of things! It's my favorite part of San Antonio. There's a lot of collaboration with artists and non-profits. My school puts on a fashion show where the designers are students, and it's done around Fiesta.

    There's a homeless ministry that ironically serves soup in ceramic bowls made by local artists.

    Lot's of cool things! I always look in our local magazine where they display "Benefits" that you can bring a date or bring the family to.

  4. @Heather K.- That's awesome! I love that you look for benefits in your area. I need to be more like you.

  5. Wow! It looked like a successful and wonderful event.

  6. Looks like a really wonderful event. And yay for letting us finally "meet" Tom!

  7. i support anyone/anything that supports the arts! hooray that people care about this stuff. some of us would just die without it! :)

  8. i love attending charity events. they're always festive and fun - and for a good cause. what's not to love!

  9. wow, this looks amazing such an beautiful and creative event.. wish I could have joined you! xo

    Might wanna take a look at my little jewelry Giveaway.. and spread the word sweet! thank you! xo

  10. Lovely photos -- sounded like an amazing time!

  11. What a great event for a great cause! The dancers from CORE look so flexible. I wish I could bend like that. haha.


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