Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogging Is a Journey

Mr. Branflake gets sworn in this morning. At 10 am, he will be officially a lawyer and will become Mr. Branflake, Esquire. 

This is crazy. Absolutely nuts. You see, this blog started just as he was entering law school and now he's done. Looking back, I can't believe how much he's changed, I've changed... we've changed. It's as if now I'm an adult or something and you've witnessed me growing up. 

He has some interviews lined up, some in California and some not. Life is kind of up in the air at the moment yet one thing remains the same...


Does that sound crazy? I mean, it's true. This blog isn't going anywhere and hopefully (ahem... hopefully!) you aren't, either. No matter what state/country/city we move to, this blog will be there. This space has been my constant companion for the last few years and you are the most important part of it. 

Truth be told, it's kind of lonely being a law student's wife and I know it's not much easier being a lawyer's wife. In the beginning, I created this blog to reach out to others, figure out how to better express myself, and share my love for dance.

Along the way I created friendships and discovered kindred spirits, I got over my absolute hatred of the camera, and I faced my body issues head on. Some of you have been there from the very beginning. Others have just joined this journey (welcome, ps!).

More than that, I created this blog to figure out who I was. I had no clue. I kind of still don't. So the blogging continues.

Blogging is a journey. There are different paths, options, and purposes for it. Sometimes the journey is clear while other times it's about as simple as theoretical physics. Either way, I know whatever's in our future, you will be a part of it. 

Perhaps I should re-title this post: Blogging Is a Shared Journey. And that's what's so neat about it.

So thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey thus far. Your presence is everything.

How has your blogging journey been?
I'm sharing even more of this journey on my personal FB page and on Instagram
So you get sarcastic comments and pretty photos all the time!


  1. What a beautifully poignant post.

  2. Congrats to Mr. B!! Such a huge accomplishment! Tell him to interview in the Boston area so we can be neighbors. This post is beautifully written and you just said everything I feel about blogging! Beautifully done. xo

  3. Congrats to Mr. Branflake!! How exciting! I couldn't possible agree with you more about the shared blogging journey!! It has been incredible!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  4. congrats to your husband! but i bet he couldn't have done it without you! : )

  5. It's so weird where life takes us, right? My blog originally started as a way to write about my wedding planning experience... and five years later I'm divorced but so in love.

    You better stick around, I love reading your blog way too much and you're someone I consider a friend because of this crazy blogging world.

    Congrats to Mr. Branflake!

  6. Huge congrats to your husband and this is the most beautiful post. Blogging is a journey, indeed:) Kisses and hugs, darling. Have a great Monday.

  7. Congrats to your husband!!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  8. Congrats to Mr. Branflake! Awesome! xxx

  9. Great post! Blogging is definitely a journey for me and one that has helped bring me new opportunities. I think it's something that is constantly evolving.

  10. I love this! And I'm so excited for you and your husband!

  11. Congrats to your husband. My blogging has come a long way (at least I hope it has) since I started a few years ago. It is the one thing I can control... Unless google accidentally deletes my blog. Let's hope that doesn't happen!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  12. Beautiful post! i agree with you, blogging is a journey. In my case I don't post so regular but love to share my pics and it is always so nice when someone likes them.
    And yes, time flies by and everything changes but it is nice to have a companion along the way

  13. Congrats!!! Blogging is an incredible journey and I've so enjoyed the blogging friendships on the way.

  14. This is such a beautiful post on one amazing day–congratulations to both of you for getting here! I can't wait to see what the next few months will have in store for you, and I love knowing that the journey will continue wherever you might go!

  15. Congrats to you and Mr. Branflake! So exciting!! I'm sure the journey seems long, but now you'll enter into a new one... wiser and we'll all be here to cheer you on.

    My blogging adventure has been one of discovery as well. Combining my passion for my beliefs with my love for creativity and the arts in both writing and fashion, hasn't been easy... Test and trial, really.

    But it's your day!! Have fun my dear! Can't wait to hear where the next adventure will take you.

  16. Congrats to the Mr.! Your blog is one of my favorites & absolutely love your Instagram photos you've been posting lately :)

  17. Congratulations to your hubby! Blogging, like life, IS such a journey. Best wishes to you wherever your journey takes you~

  18. Yay for Mr. Branflake AND you! I love change, but I also love when some things are stable. Like this blog. It's like no matter where you go, you can take your virtual friends with you. LOL! And the fact that you've had it for a few years shows me how stable you are when other bloggers die out within a year. Thanks blog friend! :)

  19. Awww...I absolutely adore you for this post, Tiffany. I love your blog because you have taken us, as readers {and friends}, all over the world with your abroad adventures, dance triumphs, and educational successes. In a way, I feel as if I live vicariously through you whenever I read your posts. You have a way of transporting people.

    My blogging journey has been more of a style-based form of self-discovery. Somehow, I went from being a flats-only girl at Cafe Fashionista's start, to one who basically lives in heels and dreams of being a stylist or beauty editor {neither of which will happen at this point in time, but it's nice to imagine}. And I love knowing that you, and the rest of Cafe Fashionista's loyal readers/followers have accompanied me through it all!! :)

  20. You are absolutely right.. blogging is journey and one in which we discover ourselves and make new friends.. and it's constant. Life is a journey, with continuous change ~ some good and some not so good. It's a new day a our life is truly what we make of it :)

    Congrats to your hubby! That's hard work!


  21. I love that the blog follows the journey of your life!!! Congrats again!!

  22. yee haw! this is so exciting! congratulations are in order to both of you, and it must be thrilling (or terrifying) to know that big changes are ahead. yay!

    blogging can be such an amazing experience. it has helped me so much through good times and bad. so much! i feel like blogging interest/enthusiasm is waning. this makes me sad. but some of us still like it/love it/participate in it, and i hope that continues!

  23. oh I completely agree, it is a journey, and it's so nice to share it with others.

    A huge congratulations to Mr Branflake! Such exciting times : )

  24. Congratulations to Mr. Branflake. I know how rough law school and studying for the bar can be. It was just a couple years ago that that was me. I hope he lands a wonderful job and that you two get a lovely home.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  25. So much to celebrate!
    I love your blog and I agree, blogging is a shared journey, and I've truly enjoyed reading yours!

  26. Congrats on becoming a lawyer's wife! and YES, we're not going anywhere (well, I can speak for myself at least). I'll thrilled for how your lives are turning out and I can't wait to see where the next part of the journey takes you. :)

  27. Beautifully reflective post. Hooray for Mr. Branflake -- that is so amazing! What an accomplishment. I can relate to the loneliness of being a students' wife! But this chapter is coming to a close.. Excited to see what our next chapters have in store for us! So much to look forward to :)


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