Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crepes, Nutella, and a Pregnant Belly. Oh my!

So good. So good. So good.

 Thursday morning was crepe morning. I haven't had homemade crepes in years and I forgot what a perfect and easy breakfast these French delights are. My favorite toppings? Lemon juice, strawberries, Nutella, and whipped cream with a dusting of powdered sugar on top.

Lemon is an unexpected 'twist' to add flavor to your sweet crepes. And they're pretty.

My sister-in-law in action. There's a glimpse of her baby belly. So cute!
I'm convinced Nutella was invented to be put on crepes. Oh my gosh... there's nothing like it!
The end product. Confession: This was my third one.

 What are your favorite crepe toppings?
My brother-in-law made these and used this crepe mix and this crepe pan from Williams Sonoma..
It was the first time he used a mix and I think they were actually pretty good!


  1. Those crepes look delicious! We just had some on a German Christmas market with cinnamon and sugar - so good! xxx

  2. I have never before tasted a crepe. I take it I am missing something completely heavenly? :D

  3. Mmm, crepes! Lemon makes everything taste better! I started a cleanse on wednesday, so I'll have to live vicariously through you.

  4. nutella is a must!! mmm I'm hungry! :)

  5. @Hollie- Another cleanse? For the love...

  6. Oh my! I absolutely love crepes yet I hardly ever get to have them!! Ihop ones just won't cut it. My favorite topping is homemade whip cream and strawberries! Yum!!

    These look so delicious!! Aww best wishes to your sister in law! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  7. Oh Nutella, hands down. I don't care what else is on there, as long as Nutella is slathered on. I had crepes on Christmas Eve night! Husband and I had our French friend over for cookie baking and dinner that day/night, and she made us crepes for dessert, complete with flames! Crepes flambe :) SO good. I was in heaven.
    xoxo J

  8. I love crepes but always forget to make them. Yours look delicious!

  9. What a cute baby belly! I've never made crepes, but they are probably easier to make than they sound. Looks yummy!

  10. You said pregnent bellies...plural. Where is the other one?

  11. Oh. My. Dear. God. How can I even begin to think of any other topping right now when all I want is in these pictures?? So my answer is Lemon, Nutella, strawberries and a misting of icing sugar :) Please. Right now.

  12. NUTELLA!!! Oh, for a second I read your post title and got all excited. I thought YOU were prego. I was about to go warm up the car and go to Gymboree! You would make the most incredible Mom if you decided to have kids one day.

    I wanted to wish you an incredible 2013 filled with many adventures - I can't wait to follow your move and see what's in store for you, my friend. xo

  13. Those look amazing! I've never tried nutella with breakfast... I may just have to do that :)

  14. Oh my goodness, they look so good. I've honestly never tries crepes and I'm ashamed hehe.

  15. the title of this post... i thought you were going to announce your pregnancy or something haha!! i LOOOOOVE crepes!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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