Friday, December 20, 2013

A Classic Christmas Dinner Party

Christmas brings out the Samantha in me. No, not Sex and the City Samantha, but the American Girl Doll Samantha who grew up in posh Victorian New England and wore bows in her hair and came with a coin purse with an embroidered handkerchief. Yes, that Samantha. She was my favorite doll growing up. She was just classy, ladylike, and had dark hair like me. And she had really cute coats and shoes (which probably explains my addictions).

I loved curating this Christmas dinner party for that reason. I loved bringing out my inner Samantha to let myself daydream in pearls, souffles, and boxes of sweet treats.
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The Decor
includes a chandelier and candles for classic lighting, soft white walls for a fresh backdrop, 
and an accent of color with gorgeous flowers simply arranged on the elegant table.
via Martha Stewart

The Menu
Classic fare with a twist.
Rib roast // Bread Pudding // Polenta // Cheesecake // Cocoa // Souffles

What I'm Wearing
Navy, pearls, lace, and blush are the makings of a timeless look.
earrings // dress // clutch // bracelet // tights // shoes // perfume // gloves

The Favor
What could be more classic than petit fours?
A box of these beautiful treats will help your guests remember your dinner party for years to come.
via Williams-Sonoma

Merry Almost Christmas!


  1. yes!! i had samantha when i was little and loved her green christmas dress and pettifores :) looks like beautiful real-life party ideas! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Oh how lovely. Yes dark haired dolls were few and far between growing up!

  3. i would love to come to a party that you host! samantha was my all time fave AG!

  4. Fun and gorgeous event.. your outfit is nice too

  5. Great outfit. I'll bet the Grinch will want to carve the Roast Beast.

  6. I love how your jewelry of choice is rose gold - such a stunning selection. And those favors...yes please!!


  7. I was a Samantha girl, too–this party would be perfect for her!

  8. I want to make all of the food you just posted.

  9. So last week, when I was in Chicago...I went to American Girl Place with my mom, sister, and our close friend. My sister, my friend, and I are all in our 20s. We weren't the only 20-somethings wandering about...

    So basically, I love this whole post (and petit fours!) :)


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