Tuesday, December 10, 2013

dear diary...

dear diary,


i love the smell of
the harmony of butter and sugar baking in the oven.
banana muffins in all their comforting glory....

i love the sound of
snow crunching underfoot
i thought crisp leaves in autumn were my favorite sound,
but the delicate crackling of crystals are no comparison.... 

i love the taste of
food shared among friends over laughter and memories...

i love the sight of
snow falling outside my balcony window as i write this.
its gentleness is a good reminder to calm down and let things be...

i love the feel of
my skin after soaking in a bubble bath.
there is no balm quite like it.
i can't believe i went almost twenty years without one...

what do you love today?

*recipe for banana bread is from the infamous Betty Crocker Red Cookbook
to make muffins, I decreased the time to 25 mins


  1. Ditto! Today, I love sleeping in late, wearing pajamas, watching TV in bed, and doing archaeology homework.

  2. Love! Especially the one about the way your skin feels after a bubble bath. xoxo

  3. I love your creativity and descriptions of feelings and imagery. wish i could write like you.:)

  4. mmmm i love breakfast and my mornings... i always wake up before work and blog and watch wgn morning news :) it's the best way to start the day (o and there's oatmeal too!)

  5. I was just thinking about baking banana muffins! Now I'm going to have to!

    Today I love that Avery had 2 hour late start because of the snow...and then we watched White Christmas when she got home. : )

  6. Today {since it is only 5:30 right now}, I love the sparkle in my glittery nail polish, and the sound of coffee brewing.


  7. Those are adorable and they look delicious

  8. Could you send a dozen of these to me?? hehe. They look amazing.


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