Monday, May 5, 2014

Gifts of the year

Sunday was the end of the year performance for my little ones (the older students have their's at the end of May, so the term isn't quite over yet). They were adorable! I was so proud of them and how well they did. I felt like a mother to all these little students, performing their hearts out and remembering everything I taught them in that brief amount of time.

But I'm also really sad their classes are over. Saying goodbye to the school year is tough; we accomplished so much together and I feel like I became a better teacher because of them. And their progress was incredible. I kept telling them as I said goodbye, "Practice! Don't lose your strength!"

It was such an exhausting but fulfilling day. Seeing them perform and being able to meet their families and friends was a special treat. I left the building with lots of bouquets, hugs, and the nicest words from parents. It was a great day of ballet.

Happy Monday, my friends!
And aren't those tulips gorgeous? 
They're one of the beautiful bouquets I received from my students. 


  1. Hello Tiffany,

    We can empathise with your feelings about the end of term. On the one hand there is a sense of achievement, a job well done and students doing well. On the other hand one feels rather empty, suddenly a void is there where before it was filled with activity.

    But, you now deserve a well earned rest. Your beautiful Tulips will remind you of your students' achievements and the ways in which you have enriched their lives. The new term will come round soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy!

    1. Yes it will! Thank you for your words. Beautifully said.

  2. beautiful tulips. those students are lucky to have such a thoughtful and dedicated teacher. hope you have a lovely week ahead~

  3. I feel like I grow each year as a teacher because of my students. Those little ones teach me patience too! Or at least, they attempt to... We have our recital in 2 weeks. Can't wait! It's my favorite part of the year! I'm just sad because we have some girls graduating and moving on. It's hard to say goodbye.


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  4. How sweet! And the tulips are beautiful. So simple & elegant, one of my all time favorite flowers.

  5. Those students are pretty lucky to have such a thoughtful teacher, I'm sure they'll miss you!

  6. This is pretty.

  7. Beautiful! Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. thanks! ~ Nadia Brightman


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