Monday, May 12, 2014

I Love Mondays (a love story)

I love Mondays*. Mondays are my day off. Mondays are my time to do absolutely nothing but eat leftover brownies from Sunday night dinner and blog reading while watching Food Network until the crappy challenge shows come on. Mondays are for taking walks through the forest, writing, and relishing not having to drive into DC. Mondays are for taking my time on everything, not wearing make-up, not doing my hair, taking extra time on my make-up, and experimenting with braids.

Mondays are for feeling bad for the angry "I hate Monday" posts on Facebook and Twitter, and for silently saying a prayer of gratitude on Sunday nights that I won't be writing them.

I love Mondays. 

And Brownies.

*don't hate me

Happy Monday!


  1. good for you! - soak it up love!!! - I remember when I had an 'irregular' schedule - I LOVED it - b/c everyone else was working and it's like I had the world to myself! xoxo

    1. That is exactly it!! Having the world to yourself is the perfect way to describe an irregular day off.

  2. I love this! John works Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the distillery and spends the other days practicing and working on his craft–it's amazing that each and every day he's anticipating the other activity. Three cheers for a work week that makes you feel that good!

  3. i would love mondays too if i had some brownies! YUMMMM xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Mmm ... Your Mondays sound heavenly ... And delicious :)

  5. I don't normally hate Mondays because usually they're slower at work. But today? Kicked my butt!

  6. i love brownies:0 maybe not a monday:d but i love chocolate, i love dance, i love architecture

  7. I could use some leftover brownies right about now.


  8. In general, I really don't like mondays, but last semester I decided to arrange my schedule so that I didn't have class on monday, and since then we've been getting along just fine.

  9. I love Mondays, a nice fresh start to the week and I love brownies even more. How are you enjoying The East Coast?


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