Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately at The Washington Ballet

~Auditions! We've been having auditions for the Summer program and it's been a little crazy but oh so fun. On Tuesday I auditioned the cutest group of four year olds. In the beginning they were scared out of their minds, but by the end they were all hugs and smiles.

~I'll be honest: auditions are tough for me. I hate saying no, but it's part of the process and really is beneficial in the long run. 

~ Our big show is later this month and, as seen above, our costumes are here! Well, some of them. The others are in the process of getting made. The kids were thrilled and felt so special trying them on. We've also been rehearsing with The Washington Ballet's Studio Company, as they are an integral part of the show. It's pretty exciting for the students to be dancing with them and quite inspiring. 

~The Studio Company is company members who aren't in the company but perform with them, kind of like apprentices in a way. They are all fabulous dancers who perform at all the galas and special functions. They have a big show of their own coming up and, if you want to see them, you can buy tickets here.

~ I'm really proud of my ladies who just got en pointe. They have trusted me in the fullest and are giving their best all the time. I know pointe can be painful, but they're troopers.

~ In the last week, I've been given perfectly manicured flowers from florists, tulips stolen from a neighbor's garden, and a bouquet of weeds from a five year old's back yard. All equally beautiful to me.

I hope you all get some dance in your life today!


  1. Auditions sound like such a thrilling time! Nerve racking, yes; but exciting!!


  2. Auditions sound amazing and scary all at the same time. It sounds like a ton is going on right now!

  3. aww it must be so great to see the kids get excited about their costumes :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. What an amazing time! I remember auditions...I don't envy you having to make the cut, but you're so right (of course) about the importance of that experience for everyone involved!

  5. So what do you think about parents who get mad if you say no? We have parents that are extremely mad if their kid makes it into the company but only makes it as an apprentice. They feel like just because their kid auditioned, they should make it no matter what. I work at a Christian based studio and they hold that over us. They act like it is 'un-christian' for us to not let their kid be in the company. First of all, that is ridiculous. Just because we are Christians doesn't mean we should let people dictate how we run our studio. I feel like there is this whole generation of parents who feel like their kids just deserve everything. Do you see this at all in your teaching? It's very frustrating for us.


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  6. OMG! The picture is so awesome! I looooove ballet:)


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