About Me

Photo by Susan Yee of En Pointe Photography.

Thank you for visiting Dancing Branflakes! I'm a dancer, writer, and teacher at the School of Washington Ballet. Here's a quick run-down of the blog:

~Although I do love bran flakes, the title of the blog is a take-off on my last name. It's a little cheesy, but four years ago I was in a cheesy mood and the name just stuck. 

~This blog has been featured on Glamour.com. I like to promote healthy body image and Glamour appreciates that. (articles here and here)

~I was a speaker at the 2012 Dance/USA Conference about blogging in the dance world. 

~I went on a month long solo trip to the UK where I fell in love with Scotland, so my life goal is to live in Scotland. 

~I'm a BYU alumni. I majored in dance (ballet and modern composite emphasis).

~I love what I do.

~ I love to eat.

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